Number of Carburetors

What you do:

Choose the number of carburetors you need to optimize air flow and weight.

Factors to consider:

1. Carburetors have a cfm range of 0 - 1250. If you need more cfm than a single carburetor can deliver, use more than one carburetor.

2. Too much total carburetor cfm will slow the velocity of the air through the carburetor(s), which could reduce power. Choose the total carburetor cfm carefully.

3. Weight. Carburetors do not weight much, but every pound counts. The HiPerMath equation is:

carburetor weight = carburetor cfm + 5

If an engine has a carburetor, no throttle body is needed. If an engine has a throttle body and a carburetor, the smaller of the two will dictate air velocity. If an engine has a throttle body and no carburetor, it is assumed the engine is fuel injected.