Ignition Timing at 1000 Rpm

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Pictured above are spark plugs. Spark plugs receive electricity on the order of 40,000 to 100,000 volts from the ignition coil and distributor. You can specify when they fire.

What you do:

Set your timing to maximize power.

For Hipermath, ignition timing is set according to the time it takes to ignite and burn fuel so that the flame/pressure front contacts the piston at top dead center. Ignition timing is measured in crank degrees.

The HiPerMath equation is:

ignition timing at 1000 rpm =       stroke x 2.895 x 360 x 1000           + 3
                                                 compression x 60 x 1000

which reduces to:

ignition timing at 1000 rpm =       stroke x 17.37           + 3

The + 3 at the end is to compensate for combustion chamber height.