Third Gear

Third gear is in the transmission. It is described by a ratio. If you have a third gear ratio of 1.2 to 1, that means the third gear in the transmission turns 1.2 times for every 1 turn of the engine.


Pictured above are manual transmission gears.

What you do:

Choose a gear ratio that gives you the acceleration and speed you want.

Factors to consider:

1. The higher the gear ratio, the quicker your car will accelerate.

2. The lower the gear ratio, the higher the miles per hour your car will be able to reach in that gear. Keep in mind, your engine has to have enough power to push the car up to that speed.

The HiPerMath equation is:

miles per hour =                           rpm x tire diameter                          
                             transmission gear ratio x rear end gear ratio x 336

Try out the gearing on the track to see what your car will do.

mph = miles per hour
rpm = revolutions per minute