Front Tire Diameter


What you do:

Choose the smallest tire you can that gives you the weight transfer you need for your car.

Factors to consider:

1. Tire diameters range from 20 - 40 inches.

2. The smaller the tire, the less it weighs.

The HiPerMath equation is:

tire weight = tire diameter + tire width - 10

3. The smaller the front tire, the lower the center of gravity of your car will have.

4. The smaller the front tire, the more weight transfer you will have off the line.

The HiPerMath equations are:

stance = rear tire diameter - front tire diameter

level wheelbase = &radic wheelbase2 + stance2

front wheel weight added (to rear wheels off the line) = (level wheelbase)(car weight)(0.55) - (car weight)(0.55)

center of gravity = (level wheelbase)(wheelbase)(front wheel weight added) + front tire diameter
                                                        stance)(car weight                                                     2

drive wheel torque = (torque)(transmission gear)(rear end gear)(0.85)

weight transferred = (center of gravity)(drive wheel torque)
                                    (wheelbase)(rear tire diameter / 2)